About Us

The ElevateHer is an HR consulting firm that provides career and executive coaching, and Fractional Chief Human Resources Officer services. Our individual clients walk away with increased clarity, self-esteem, and tools to help them reach their HR goals. Our business clients walk away with tailored HR strategies, optimized performance management systems, and enhanced leadership capabilities.  

Meet our President below!

Nakisha Hicks

Founder and President

Nakisha Hicks is a beacon of empowerment, devoted to helping women of color in the dynamic realm of human resources soar to extraordinary heights. Known as the Career Path Finder, Nakisha has ignited a fire within countless ambitious HR professionals, guiding them towards their dream jobs and unlocking their full potential.

As the driving force behind The ElevateHer LLC, Nakisha has earned a stellar reputation for transforming mindsets, turbocharging careers, and unleashing exponential earnings growth. Her clients have witnessed remarkable transformations, securing jaw-dropping multi-figure salary increases under her expert guidance.

With nearly two decades of trailblazing experience in top-tier HR executive roles, Nakisha stands tall as an industry luminary. Her own unconventional journey up the corporate ladder fuels her unwavering dedication to uplifting others and fostering inclusive workplaces that celebrate diversity.

Nakisha's insights on career transitions, DEI work, and cutting-edge HR practices have captivated readers of The Wall Street Journal, avid listeners of numerous podcasts, and followers of nationwide blogs and books. Her authentic perspective and relatable storytelling resonate deeply with her audience.

On stage, Nakisha's presence is captivating, radiating warmth and authenticity. She fearlessly delves into topics that touch the hearts and minds of ambitious professionals, from emotional intelligence and leadership development to effective time management, workplace perceptions, and the art of building genuine connections.

With her innate understanding of team dynamics, Nakisha unlocks the secrets of effective leadership, igniting growth and cultivating high-performing teams. Her powerful talks inspire audiences to embrace their true potential, fostering personal and professional fulfillment.

Nakisha Hicks is more than a speaker; she is a catalyst for change, transforming the HR landscape one empowered woman at a time. 

In addition to working with individuals, Nakisha collaborates with organizations, empowering them to create inclusive cultures and unleash the untapped potential of their teams. Join her on this remarkable journey of growth and discover the path to your brightest future.

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