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Career coaching for female HR professionals.


Did you know that one-third of your life will be spent at work?

That’s roughly 90,000 hours of working over the course of a lifetime! Did you also know that, in the United States, the majority of Human Resources professionals identify as female.

I have two questions for you:

Are you truly happy with the way you’re spending one-third of your precious time?

If you’re an HR professional, are you doing everything you could be to ensure that you are living out the career of your dreams?

It’s time to turn your dreams into realities

I’m Kisha Hicks,
an HR Executive turned career and executive coach who specializes in helping female HR professionals reach their visions and dreams. Starting your HR career is hard. Maintaining and growing a your HR career is harder. Whether you’re thinking about jumping into the leadership world, you’re just beginning your journey, or you’re up to your ears in all-things HR, I’m here to help you pave the way toward your visions and goals.



What I do

career & executive coaching

1 on 1 and group coaching sessions to discuss everything from career goals to networking tips to leadership advice.


Types of coaching I offer

HR Career

Thinking of a new HR career path? Together we'll examine your interests and motivations to find your calling.

Job Search
Support Services

Wanting to put your best foot forward during your job search? We'll work together to make sure that you are resume and interview ready.

Executive Coaching

Are you a senior manager or leader within your organization looking for for a safe and structured way to identify & clarify your career goals? Together, we'll examine your current situation and create a strategy.

Online courses

Structured courses that are designed to educate the job seeker. All courses are online and can be completed at your own pace.


For all things inspiration and motivation to move your career forward, check out my podcast the Morning Mindset.

Client love...

My life has shifted a full 180° since meeting Nakisha in February 2021. Since joining her HR Path Program, I transitioned into a career that I love, I built connections with amazing black women in HR, and I have grown significantly both professionally and personally."

- Mia T. (Talent Acquisition Specialist)

"I was able to clearly map out my professional goals and the steps I needed to take to reach them. Kisha pushed me to be intentional with my job search and helped me narrate my story effectively. We found ways to update my LinkedIn to ensure I was putting my best foot forward."

- Rhiana R. (Associate Director, Human Resources)

"I highly recommend Nakisha Hicks’s ElevateHer HR Path Program if you are ready to take your HR career to the next level. Nakisha‘s passion, transparency, dedication, and no-nonsense approach will not only empower you to break out of your comfort zone but equip you with the tools to reach your professional and personal goals. I joined the HR Path Program in February 2021, and through Nakisha‘s mentoring, I gained the confidence to get into the game by changing my mindset to do the work necessary to achieve my goals to live in my purpose."

- Edlena W. (Human Resources Business Partner)

Ready to take your dreams and your career to the next level?

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